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Why India Giving Network

India is home to over a million NGOs, but much of their work is not fully known outside. In addition, it is not easy to identify the NGOs credible enough to receive a donor’s money.

In the last decade, India has witnessed the birth of institutions that have put in place norms, tools and processes to increase transparency and accountability of the voluntary sector. They work with NGOs to improve effective and efficient utilization of resources and transparent donor reporting. These intermediary organizations also provide a range of services to donors to identify high need areas and make high impact donations and grants through a variety of giving mechanisms structured to suit every type of donor. There are similar organizations in the United States that facilitate giving to India.

There are many who wish to contribute to impact the lives of the poor in India but lack of information and intermediation has been a barrier to giving.

India Giving Network is designed to make giving to India easy, efficient and transparent.


What is India Giving Network

India Giving Network is one place to find all information and links required to donate to credible Indian NGOs through established partners. It makes giving easy, efficient and transparent.

It is a philanthropy marketplace that facilitates effective and efficient giving and promotes transparency and accountability in the sector.

The portal connects donors with credible NGOs via facilitating partners. Partners are leading intermediaries based in India and the United States.

The portal has a powerful search to look for Indian NGOs that match your preference (location, cause, size).

The portal provides transparency icons that indicate the type of information available about an NGO and allows you to access the information instantly.

The portal features only NGOs that have been vetted by one or more facilitating partners who have an active relationship with the NGO to ensure they are accountable and transparent so the maximum can go to the intended beneficiaries.


Who runs India Giving Network

GuideStar India, an online information portal of NGOs in India, manages India Giving Network. GuideStar India is an initiative of Civil Society Information Services India, a trust registered in India. GuideStar India is a partner of GuideStar International and TechSoup Global.


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