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How can I be sure that NGOs featured on India Giving Network are credible?


Every NGO featured on India Giving Network has undergone a minimum of 3 types of checks:
1) NGO is registered by GuideStar India after verification of its basic registration documents and the information is displayed online
2) NGO has undergone the due diligence of at least one facilitating partner of India Giving Network
3) NGO is registered under India’s Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), which requires annual filing of returns.


Can I donate online on this site?


You can donate online through our Partners’ giving portals. India Giving Network provides links to Give thru partners, indicated by way of coloured icons, against the NGO name.


Will I get US tax deductions?


Many of our partners provide US tax deductions when donations are made through them. Please verify US tax deduction availability, every time you make a donation at the partner website as it is specific to giving through the partner, the partner’s specific giving programme and specific to an NGO.


How do I make a donation?


Please follow the simple steps explained at our How to Give page


Will I get a donation receipt and feedback report?


You would be making your donation on the portal of the partner you choose to Give thru. Partners normally mention on their portals, their policy and process about issuing donation receipts and feedback reports.


How much of my donation will reach the NGO and the ultimate beneficiary?


The cost of facilitating a donation varies from partner to partner. It also depends on the partner’s specific giving programme that you choose. These details are normally available on partners’ portals. The amount that reaches the ultimate beneficiary varies across NGOs and projects. Some partner portals provide cost break up. We encourage partners to mention facilitation cost.


Can you help me support an NGO not on your site?


Some partners offer structured giving programmes which includes vetting NGOs identified by them based on donor specifications or vetting NGOs referred by donors. These would be applicable to large donations and have associated costs.


Can I get the NGOs I support, accredited through your Partners?


Yes, you can approach our Accreditation Partners.


How can I get more information about an NGO?


In the search result page, for every NGO, you would see a link “Read more on GuideStar India”. That will take you to the NGO’s profile on www.guidestarindia.org where you can view information provided by the NGO. You will also get to see the NGO’s contact details for you to connect with the NGO.


How can I become your partner?


If you are an intermediary facilitating donations to NGOs in India or make donations or grants to several NGOs in India or have a widely recognised accreditation system for NGOs in India, you could apply to us with a list of your NGO partners in India, details about your services and, your due diligence process. Please write to info@indiagivingnetwork.org.


If you any other question, please write to info@indiagivingnetwork.org.


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