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How to give

India Giving Network provides you with several options to give.
Whatever be the option you select, Choose to make a difference!

Take these simple steps:


Choose your Cause

  • Think of a cause or group of people you care deeply about.
  • Is there a location in India that is close to your heart?
  • Is there a specific NGO you want to support?
  • Use our powerful search menu provided at the right side of every page to generate a set of options.

Choose your NGO

Our Search Result pages give you a list of NGOs.
For each NGO, you will find the following:

  • Name and transparency icons:

    You will know the level of information displayed by the NGO on the web (the organization has updated its profile, displayed its financial statements and annual report, etc.)

  • Partner icons under 3 categories:

    - Give thru
    Each coloured icon indicates you can Give thru that Partner to the NGO. Each Partner has vetted the NGO according to its criteria

    - Supported by
    Each coloured icon indicates that Partner has provided cash/ in kind support to the NGO in the last 2 years. Click on the icon to read the nature of support

    - Accredited by
    Each coloured icon indicates that Partner has accredited the NGO. Click on the icon to see the accreditation details on the Partner’s site

  • Read more details on GuideStar India

    NGOs update a lot of information about their legal registration, activities, pictures, documents, etc. You can also view all their contact details.
    With so much information about the NGO, its transparency & credibility, and details of how you can donate, you can select the NGO that matches your preference!

Choose your
Facilitating Partner

If you found the NGO that matched your preference-
Choose your Give thru Partner on the same page. Due diligence criteria, payment options, cost recovery, tax deduction offered, feedback reports, vary across partners.

Click on the coloured icon to visit the Partner page to donate!

If you did not find the NGO that matches your preference-
If you plan to make a large gift, visit Our Partners page, read about their structured giving options and connect with them directly. Write to them with a copy to info@indiagivingnetwork.org

If you are supporting or plan to support an NGO and want them to be accredited, write to our Accreditation Partners with a copy to info@indiagivingnetwork.org

If you did not find your favourite NGO and want them to be on the portal, you could
search for the NGO on www.guidestarindia.org and write to info@indiagivingnetwork.org giving the name of the NGO and the link to the page where you found them. If you did not find the NGO on GuideStar India, but have the NGO contact information, please provide the same to us and we will invite them to register.


Choose your Giving

    View on the Give thru Partner page, the options to donate. Some Partners have multiple projects/ options for an NGO. Some Partners have structured giving options for large donations. There are options to get strategically involved, to join a Giving Circle and, to fundraise for your favourite cause!

Donate to your Cause

Donate Online or write to a Partner about your giving interest.
Choose to make a difference!


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