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  Give2Asia provides donor advised services and can support organizations that address a wide variety of issues. Our top three areas of giving each year have consistently been health, education and disaster response.



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  All India



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  Yes for advised grants.No for grants to fiscal sponsorship funds and gifts to online funds



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  For Advised Grantmaking, Give2Asia provides summary impact reports annually.



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  info@give2asia.org or view our Annual Report at http://give2asia.org/fy11-report



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Giving Option   How Partner can help   Giving range
(US $)
Fiscal Sponsorship   Give2Asia Fiscal Sponsorship Funds offer Asia-based organizations a convenient, quick and cost-effective way to accept tax-deductible contributions from supporters in the United States. Give2Asia handles the day-to-day administration, accounting, reporting requirements, legal fees and other paperwork and costs, making it much simpler for organizations to connect with U.S. donors.   >$5,000 Tiered rate starting at 7%
Advised Grantmaking   U.S. donors make tax-deductible gifts for charitable projects in Asia. Give2Asia assumes the administrative and legal responsibilities of making grants. Full report summarizing results after 12 months   >$5,000 Tiered rate starting at 7%
Donor Advised Fund   Establish a fund to manage your giving over time. Gifts into your fund are immediately tax-deductible. Make Advised Grants on your own schedule.   No minimum
Tiered fund admin starting at 1%
Online Giving   Choose from funds supporting nonprofits and projects across India.   >$10 Tiered rate starting at 7%

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