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  Silicon Valley Community Foundation is a comprehensive center of philanthropy that provides individuals, families and corporations with simple and effective ways to give locally and around the world. http://www.siliconvalleycf.org/givingtoindia



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  All India



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Giving Option   How Partner can help   Giving range
(US $)
Donor Advised Fund or Committee Advised Fund   Make your charitable giving easier by making grants to your favorite nonprofits from one fund   Minimum Initial Donation: $5,000
International Grant Minimum: $1,000
Tiered fees starting at 1.0% ($250 minimum annual fee)
Field of Interest Fund   Create a resource to support the causes you care about - such as the arts, education, health and human services or the environment   Minimum Initial Donation: $50,000
International Grant Minimum: $1,000
2.0% ($250 minimum annual fee)
Scholarship Fund   Help students realize their educational dreams. Two types of funds are offered: Donor Involved or Community Foundation Managed   Minimum Initial Donation: $50,000 (Donor Involved Scholarship Fund) or $250,000 (Community Foundation Managed Scholarship Fund) Tiered fees starting at 2.0% ($250 minimum annual fee)
Corporate Advised Fund   A convenient, flexible way for public and private companies to give back to their local and international communities   Minimum Initial Donation: $25,000
International Grant Minimum: $1,000
Tiered fees starting at 1.5% ($250 minimum annual fee)
Supporting Organization   Supporting organizations are an option for those with complex philanthropic goals and the desire to create a corporate entity that will perpetuate their philanthropic legacy   Minimum Initial Donation: $10 million Tiered fees starting at 1.0% ($25,000 minimum annual fee)

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