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India Giving Network assembles information submitted by partners and NGOs and facilitates searches. Donations take place on partners’ websites and/ or offline through them. All transactions are governed by the terms of use stated on respective partner’s site and any contracts between users and the partner concerned. Information is dynamic and changes take place all the time based on updates by NGOs and partners. Users are advised to exercise due diligence while using information provided on the portal.

Partners have their systems and processes for oversight of funds channeled through them. They cannot take responsibility for donations made directly to NGOs based on information presented by them. Please refer to the disclaimer clauses and terms of use on partners’ websites.

Please verify US tax deduction availability, every time you make a donation at the partner website as it is specific to giving through the partner, the partner's specific giving programme and specific to an NGO.

We provide links to a number of third party sites to connect you with information and opportunities. We cannot take responsibility for content on any other site to which we provide links. Please read the terms of use and privacy policy of the landing site.

Information provided on this site cannot be reproduced in part or whole without obtaining explicit written permission of GuideStar India.

Logos and brand names are the property of respective partners and NGOs.


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